Do it with SPICE

Easy handling of Space Missions Ancillary data.

Upgrade your Heritage Software

Translation of heritage software to modern languages.

Automate processes and operations

Removing repetitive tasks from your processes and daily operations.


Software development of SPICE-based applications, production and archive of SPICE data sets.


Design, automation and deployment of requirements-driven operations systems for space-based missions.


Customization design and development of data handling, analysis and archiving  pipelines.


Web development, customized software development and translation of heritage software to modern languages.


Most used languages and frameworks

Python + Git
GWT + Java
Fortran, C, Octave/Matlab, IDL
PHP, Apache, Tomcat
Angular JS


ODC Space

Small company with extensive experience in NASA’s SPICE observation geometry information system, software development in multiple programming languages, and Space Operations, Data Handing and Ground Systems Engineering.